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Nurture connections with your most committed VIP's
Few things are more precious than your relationship with your best customers.
Email: A crucial part of your business strategy

Recent acquisitions and the complete about-turn of social media giants like Twitter has taught us one thing: social media followers do not belong to your brand. Your own email database does, though.

An effective communication strategy and keeping track of your database are important, but even more so, acquisition of contacts who are interested in your business.

In the digital age where pixels and notifications vie for attention, email newsletters remain the steadfast bridge that links you directly to your customers.

Each newsletter subscriber gives your brand a high level of personal trust and commitment

At Digital Butterfly, we understand the value of this timeless communication avenue towards tending to your VIP relationships.

For small businesses, relationships are treasures, and we treasure them as much as you do.

Database building and retention

Our expertise extends beyond crafting impactful newsletters; we empower you to manage an effective communication strategy and oversee your customer database with precision.

The art of email marketing is an orchestration of various elements. It’s about acquiring contacts who resonate with your business’s essence. It’s about crafting campaigns that speak to your audience’s core. It’s about designing a strategy that nurtures leads like maintaining a well-tended garden.

Setup, Implementation and Management

We’re here to help you navigate this realm, from setting up subscription strategies to managing your subscriber base. Campaign design and creation flow seamlessly from our creative endeavours, where every email carries a piece of your brand’s story.

Interpreting the Data

Subscribers, beyond mere entries in a list, become characters in an unfolding narrative. We delve into subscriber behaviour, open rates, bounces, unsubscribes and demographics.

We fine-tune your subject line strategy and send times, ensuring your messages land where they belong – in front of eager eyes.

From sign-up strategies that engage, quizzes that spark curiosity, to subscriber funnels that lead to conversion, our approach is comprehensive, leaving no email unturned. Drip campaigns, funnels and timed interactions add layers of engagement to bring you closer to your audience.

Email Marketing

Campaign Design and Creation

Email Marketing

Subscription Implementation

Campaign & Subscriber Segmentation

Subscriber Management

Subscriber Behaviour

Database Maintenance and Updates

Tracking and Demographics

Email Inbox Management

Email Marketing

Sign-up strategies: quizzes, competitions

Subscriber Funnels

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